FOTOBODEN™ at the EuroShop 2017

Hall 3, Stand 3D82 and Hall 10, Stand 10G78

Experience 20 million floorings: Increase traffic – boost sales
Kaarst. There is really now way around FOTOBODEN™ at the coming EuroShop – the World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair. Not only because the Kaarst-based company will be one of the biggest exhibitors at the trade fair with some 1,500m² of “covered” floor space in the truest sense of the word. Or because the giant logo of the trade fair at Entrance Nord, that all visitors use to enter or leave the premises, is made of this custom-printable vinyl flooring. FOTOBODEN™ is simply the all-round talent for marketing applications in retail, at trade fairs or events.

“This is also why we have several stands at EuroShop,” laughs Timo Michalik, member of the board at visuals united ag and inventor of FOTOBODEN™. “Our flooring fits so many different segments – that we also fit various exhibition and product categories at the trade fair.” Therefore the FOTOBODEN™ team in Hall 3, Stand 3D82 displays just as diverse products as their colleagues do at the main stand in Hall 10, Stand 10G78. Here visitors will also find live project presentations demonstrating the effect produced by selected floorings at the POS with the help of various examples. “FOTOBODEN™ is a booster when it comes to staging products and generating high retail sales as a result of increased visitor/shopper interest,” adds Timo Michalik with conviction.

Simply follow the floor signs Made by FOTOBODEN™ at the trade fair or visit our various cooperation partners who like to rely on the expertise of FOTOBODEN™ to design their trade fair areas – at times with their own design, at others availing themselves of one of the 20 million floor designs contained in the catalogue of the company from Kaarst, Germany.




frautuetehandy150x150konturneuTrade is in the middle of the digital Disruption. Who doesn’t create now the entrance in the networked Retail, remains on the distance. In the trade the digitization decides prospective about top or flop. Digital innovators from other branches bring fresh wind in the commercial scenery – and put Retailer and brands towards new challenges.

The Streaming trend makes a circulation from the consumption: The act of buying is never concluded finally, the product never finally completed. Updating becomes the credo which offers new distribution chances also to trade.

Eco-social consumption frees itself from the world’s rescue thought by renunciation and develops to a consumption which is ethically correct, but also makes fun which is sustainable and wastefully at the same time.

Career changer provide fresh wind and creative draughts in trade. Their hobby is their passion which they live with heart blood. Monetary aspects are second-rate for the hobby professionals, they earn money with her job – and exactly this makes them unique, authentic and successful.

The worldwide boom of Instant Messaging and the opening of the suppliers for commercial purposes offers a new marketing canal for enterprise. However, the art to arouse enthusiasm via chat requires communicative instinct.

The Retail figures serve to validate the trends and theses in the present report. Besides, the most important facts of the commercial scenery are clearly put together in Germany, so that they can be grasped from the first sight.