DELIVERY:  since 01/03/2013
AWARDS:  nominated LFP printer of the year
EDITION:  from 1qm
MATERIAL: 2mm of vinyl ground
DESIGN:  individually printable
PRODUCER:  visuals united ag
CUSTOMER:  Agencies, branded companies, trading ventures, retail trader and object setters
CONTACT: TEL +49 (0) 2131 53213 44 |

Whether shop-window, assortment- / action surfaces or promotion actions: Advertising with FOTOBODEN™ provides that the shown products are perfectly presented.

FOTOBODEN™ makes a photo-realistic ground creation in all dimensions and form variations possible: Even Super XXL mats can be made up to 3 m x 15 m size in the piece.

Perfectly for the application in the PoS: They can be simply moved from A to B or change directly from place of action to place of action. Another plus: By soiling
it is enough to wipe FOTOBODEN™ humid. Thus the surface looks always good and the shopping experience for the customer is clearly strengthened, this provides higher sales.
Inspire customers with creative grounds.