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PERMAPLAY : POS media rent

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POS media rent:
Success by flexibility

Spring, summer autumn and winter, holiday time or Christmas: Many seasonal climaxes are the sales salt in the POS soup of trade. To use these purchase-intensive times optimally sales-actively, Permaplay offers an optimised rent option for POS media to the customers. That is specifically: Do you want to use only for certain times POS media or complement your own media-port folio for the application in the POS for some weeks / months? Permaplay organises your POS-Promotions on time with an extensive service package of the individual concept about putting up (shelve fixture, shelve stands, ground stands) and configuring the displays (videomaterial load) up to the technical service and to the collection of the devices in the renting. This means: Round around service. What remains to act for you? Beeing glad about the additional turnover of your POS action.