FOTOBODEN™ Exhibition

FOTOBODEN™ shows again it’s an ideal creation element

fotoboden-rock_cmykKaarst. Six decades of music history made in the Ruhr area in a unique and multi-coloured representation: This is the subject of the topical special exhibition „Rock and Pop im Pott“ in the Ruhr Museum Essen which is in the former coal laundry on the world heritage duty association. Here in the museum area once more FOTOBODEN™ can prove its skill as a changeable creation element: Here support more than 500 square metres of the vinyl ground in bright colours and with integrated writings the intensive statement of the exhibition. „The special: The luminous intensive colours stand in an impressive contrast to the industrial character of the Zeche Zollverein and the organic wooden walls“, according to Timo Michalik, manager of the visuals united ag.