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Digital Cash Tray (LCD 101HDMonitor, LCD 101HD Player)

DELIVERY :   since 01.02.2016
EDITION :   unlimited
OUTLET :   Specialised trade
MATERIAL :   Aluminium cabinet printed ESG H protective glass
DESIGN :   tbm GmbH
PRODUCER :   tbm GmbH
CONTACT :   TEL +49 (0) 89 30 76 42 81  |  info@tbmgmbh.de

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These Digital Cash Trays are specially developed for an everyday application in the POS. The high-quality processing of the aluminium
cabinet with a powder coating corresponds to the quality
requirement for the counter. The material of the protective disc is
ESG H glass with printed passepartout. For OEM manufacturing we can offer customised logos / colours with the cabinet as well as with the protective disc. There are two technically different models:

a. Monitor version, this countable plate is able as an additional monitor in existing computer systems are connected, inputs VGA, DVI, HDMI, maximum input signal resolution 1920×1200.

b: Stand Alone player version, this device has an integrated player HD, as a storage medium serves a card SDHC (max. 32Gb), by means of easy Playliste endless reproduction of films (max. 1920×1080 various formats) as well as JPG occurs. The time-controled repro-duction is as possible as the automatically start after current supply.